Pro Pride is a local NGO
established in 1995 with a commitment to actively engage in the fight against poverty.
In all its interventions, Pro Pride focuses on expanding and deepening program reach, enhancing program effectiveness in
empowering the poor and more
effective program implementation.

Our Programs


Partners, Human and Financial Resource Management

In more than 26 years of its operation, Pro Pride has established important relationships with local, international, bilateral, and multilateral organizations to strengthen its engagement in the poverty alleviation efforts in the country.

Latest News

Pro Pride has recently launched a project partnering with Progynist, and EDA in Shewa Robit, a town in northern Ethiopia, after it has been grappling with the devastating impacts of a recent civil war, leading to loss of lives, Gender-Based Violence incidents, property destruction, and severe disruptions in essential services. The goal of this project is to empower women to take on leadership roles during humanitarian crises, especially in supporting women and girls affected by war.


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"Abaaboo" Radio Program Has Been Launched

As part of the MHH program, a radio program entitled ‘Abaaboo', meaning flower, has been on air for the last four months. The program uses a magazine format, producing regular features including interviews, personal experiences, and research findings on MHH to increase awareness and the responses of community in the in the intervention area.

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Women's Day Celebration

Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year around the world celebrated this day by discussing topics on what International Women’s Day is, why it is celebrated, challenges women face, and doing activities that support equality.

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Our New Media Program Has Started

Since media is one of the major component of the project, the organization has been producing and airing Radio Program called ‘Biku Set’ to raise awareness of the communities in general and women and girls in particular on the importance of women’s

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HIV/AIDS Day Celebrated

HIV prevention and control was one of the major initiatives, which Pro Pride had been implementing different projects and programs using different strategies including community based and media from 1996 to December 2018. One of these interventions was called

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