Partners and Human and Financial Management


In more than 26 years of its operation, Pro Pride has established important relationships with local, international, bilateral, and multilateral organizations to strengthen its engagement in the poverty alleviation efforts in the country. This includes Action Aid Ethiopia, Concern Ethiopia, UNFPA, the World Bank, USAID, Save the Children USA, AED, Pact Ethiopia, PATH, CIDA, KNH, OAK Foundation, PSI, CISP, CSSP2, Ministry of Peace, etc. These organizations and partners have been financing the different programs, which the organization has been implementing in different parts of the country

Pro Pride has also been actively involving in different associations, networks and consortiums such as CCRDA, COSAP, BEN, Ten Sister NGOs etc, to promote and voice common interests, share information and experiences among other member organizations.

Staff Program Review Meeting Conducted at Head Office Level

Human and Financial Resource Management

Pro Pride deployed qualified staff both at the head office and at program offices. Most of them have Masters degrees in various fields relevant to the task they are assigned to. All technical staff have a minimum of BA degree and relevant work experience. The organization has a finance policy with a strong internal control that governs all its financial management activities. It also has sufficient and qualified staff to carry out all financial activities of the organization. The organization’s financial records are audited on yearly basis by external auditors. In the last five years alone, the organization has received and utilized a total of 120,939,617.27 Ethiopian Birr for the implementation of the various programs and projects. Depending on the cooperative agreement with donors, special audits are also conducted periodically. This includes the ADS 591 audit, which the organization gets conducted by auditors recognized by USAID. The organization had such audit conducted for the fiscal years covering 2013 to 2016.