Media and Development

Recognizing the effectiveness and powerfulness of radio as the most important medium of communication, Pro Pride had also been producing and broadcasting radio programs for more than 20 years now in partnership with Acton Aid Ethiopia, UNFPA, OAK Foundation, CIDA, CCRDA/Packard Foundation, etc.  The radio programs focused on promoting gender equality, wellbeing and protection of women and girls from violence, promoting rights and protection of children from violence, participation of women in politics, leadership and decision-making positions and also strengthening community response towards GBV, promoting the significance of reproductive health and family planning and also promoting behavioral change towards HIV/AIDS. to promote the importance of protection and an enabling environment for poor women engaged in micro enterprise activities or informal sector. These programs had been on air on FM 97.1, Ethiopia Radio, Amhara Radio, Dire FM, Sheger FM 102.1 and Ahadu Radio

Yibekal Radio program Team

Currently, Pro Pride is producing and transmitting a radio program called ‘Biku Set’ (Empowered Woman as one of the major components of the project called ‘Bearers of Live: Championing Women’s and Girls’ Right’, The radio program is transmitted on two FM stations (FM 97.1 and FM-Dire) in Amharic language to promote women’s participation in politics, decision making and leadership positions, and combat gender-based violence in partnership with FAWE Ethiopia. The radio programs have been on air to raising awareness on rights of women and girls to influence negative social norms and practices, provide information on the magnitude of gender-based violence and its impact on women themselves and their families to strengthen community response to any form of abuse as well as violation of rights.

Radio program listening group in Amhara Region