about us

Our Vision

Pro Pride aspires to see a society free from absolute poverty where every individual attains food, shelter, closing and self esteem in sustained manner.

Our Mission

Pro Pride stands for empowering disadvantaged individuals, families and communities to eradicate absolute poverty by helping them actualize their latent potential through integrated programs.

Our Values


Pro Pride's General Assembly members holding meeting

Pro Pride is a local NGO established in 1995 with a mission to empower poor and disadvantaged segments of the society through integrated development programs. Pro Pride envisages to be strong poverty alleviation organization and aspires to see a society free from absolute poverty where every individual attains food, shelter, clothing, and self-esteem in sustained manner. Pro Pride started its operation in Addis Ababa after registering with concerned government bodies at the time. It has re-registered and licensed by the Authority for Civil Society Organizations as per the Ethiopian Charities and Societies proclamation no. 1113/2019. Pro Pride has a General Assembly, which is the supreme body of the organization, and a five-member Board responsible to oversee the overall operation of the organization. It is headed by an Executive Director, who is reporting to the Board and is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the day-to-day activities of the organization.



In its more than twenty-six years of operation, Pro Pride has designed and successfully implemented several projects mainly focusing on Livelihoods Promotion, Community Based Health Care with Polyclinics as referral points, HIV/Prevention and Control, Education, OVC Care and Support, promoting gender equality and addressing violence against women and girls as well as Media for Development. The organization has been implementing these programs and projects in different parts of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa City Administrations, Oromia, Amhara, Harari, and Somali Regions after signing agreements with all relevant government bodies of these regions under its program and satellite offices established in these areas.