Bearers of Life: Championing Women’s and Girls’ Right

This is a follow-on initiative to the project titled “Beyond Numbers: Towards Gender Transformation”, which Pro Pride had designed with three other peer organizations and implemented in different parts of the country for a total of eighteen months until the end of April 30, 2021. Pro Pride and its co-applicants had been implementing this project with the financial support of the CSSP II program through the British Council.

JPEG 16 Days of Activism 16

Pro Pride had been implementing ‘Bearers of lives: Championing Women’s and Girls’ Right’ after signing a project agreement with CSSP2 on September 15, 2021, with the intention of deepening and scaling up of achievements of the organization under the previous project. This will be through building on what had already been accomplished in the previous phase of the intervention, which involves increasing participation of women in politics and other decision making positions, enhancing responses of community members to violations of rights of women and girls, improving implementation of existing laws to ensure the protection of rights of women and girls, and to enhance coordination and collaborative engagement of women rights organization particularly in response to gender-based violence.

JPEG 16 Days Fetum Mustefa 19
16 Days of Activism ( Miss Fetum Mustefa)
JPEG 16 Days Maj. General Tiruye 18
16 Days of Activism (General Tiruye Asefe)

The different activities carried out thus far are observed contributing in terms of increasing awareness and understanding among members and leaders of women’s rights organizations, members of community conversation groups, and the communities at large on the importance of women’s political participation, and gender-based violence and negative social norms affecting women and girls. The radio programs produced and aired so far, campaigns organized, orientations as well as the training provided for members of WROs, dialogue sessions organized with political parties in the intervention areas, have also helped to lay down the foundation for active participation of women in politics in the intervention areas. The different activities carried out to increase community response towards GBV have also helped enhance the awareness and understanding of women as well as other community members on the damaging effects of violence, which resulted in increased response to the problems.