Media and Development Program

Since media is one of the major component of the  project, the organization has been producing and airing Radio Program called ‘Biku Set’ to raise  awareness of the  communities in general and women and girls in particular on the importance of women’s political participation, and also on the challenges and impacts of gender based violence on women, their families and communities. The organizations is producing and airing radio programs on FM-97.1 and FM Dire in partnership with FAWE Ethiopia and financial support of UK Aid, Embassy of Ireland, Embassy of Sweden and Royal Norwegian Embassy through the British Council as part of the Civil Society Support Program (CSSP II) strategic grant.

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The radio program highlighted significance of women’s political participation, and gender based violence by conducting interviews with community members, experts, rights activists and government officials, victims of gender based violence, etc. In addition to making interviews with community members, activists and officials at different levels, printed stories related to women’s political participation and gender-based violence have been shared with the listening public.