Training on Active Citizenship

The second training, which was of five days duration, was Active Citizens training, focused on strengthening engagement of youth on issues affecting them, their families and communities, etc. This was because being connected to other groups and communities can bring positive changes to everyday lives of people including new relationships, new opportunities and a feeling of empowerment.

A total of 31 people (8 female and 23 male) comprising leaders and members of the different youth associations selected by the Woreda Administration in consultation with representatives of the youth associations participated in the training. The training was designed to equip the young leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to engage as an active citizen to bring about positive change in the community they are part of and hence, constructively participate in the local development through designing and implementing effective social actions projects. So participants of the training were supported to understand interdependency and be socially responsible, and also be aware of the consequence of their actions. The training also helped deepening participants’ understanding of communities and systems, which they are part of, and value the needs and perspectives of those who are different from them. The training had also enabled them understand that it is possible to engage peacefully and effectively with each other in the development of their communities.

Based on the understanding reached with participants on how to cascade the training, ten young people who performed well during the basic training advised to form a group of three each in collaboration with the Woreda Administration to cascade ‘Active Citizens’ training. Accordingly, a total of 10 groups comprising 30 participants each had cascaded the training to a total of 300 young people. The ten youth who performed very well in the training as recommended by the Master trainers played leading role in the process of cascading the training